In the use of Off-Road Equipment it is all about efficiency. Apart from a tight schedule and an as low as possible fuel consumption, reduction of the maintenance costs constantly needs attention as well. This is a tough challenge that we accept with pleasure together with you.

Groeneveld has offered solutions in maintenance of machines and Off-Road Equipment for over forty years. With systems that, among other things, control the oil level and lubricate the various greasing points, you can control the condition of your machines in a simple and environment-friendly way. This is maximum output with minimum effort.

Maintenance and safety
Groeneveld does its utmost to make maintenance of material easier. For example, our automatic greasing systems put an end to manual lubrication. Lubrication is often a point of concern, because every machine has its own unique lubricating needs and not all points are easily accessible. The greasing systems of Groeneveld automatically maintain your material, while the machine is in operation. No lubricating point is skipped, you reduce maintenance costs and avoid unnecessary standstill and the machine remains in top condition.

Greensight, the Active Safety concept of Groeneveld, plays an important role with respect to safety. The situation at the working area is unclear and the operator cannot see and hear everything. Greensight is a safety system with cameras and sensors that keeps the driver informed about all that is happening around him. The area becomes clearer and the number of damage incidents decreases.


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