Track and trace with Easy Manager

A simple tool to manage and control your fleet

2 solutions adapted to your needs


The best solution for the management of your machines in a warehouse or a specific place.


The complete solution with geolocation for all moving vehicles (telehandlers, trucks...).


  • Global view and listing of your fleet in real time (position, status (on/off), hours, km...)
  • Detailed dashboard of the activity (data and date ranges)
  • Maintenace log by machine : maintenance operations history 
  • Tracking and geolocation of circuits done by the vehicles


  • Anticipate and plan the control of technical operations (automatic reminders)
  • Optimize the use of your machines detecting the inactive machines or the machines not used enough
  • Detailed reporting of activity (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Geo search to get the closest machine


  • Out of zone SMS alerts
  • Delimit perimeters or define places to stay in
  • Notifications of machined used out of proper hours
  • Detects anormal use of the machines (technical features)
  • Manage machine access authorizations (access control option)


Access Easy Manager wherever you are and when you need it.




Mobile Apps 

The application is free and available on Google Play or on the Appstore for your smartphone or your tablet.




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