Manitou fuel consumption


Manitou telehandler manufacturer indicates by a sticker on the telehandler the diesel consumption .
For this, the manufacturer has a standard protocol developed in collaboration with the French independent testing institute UTAC .

Manitou will be transparent about fuel consumption
Each telescopic purpose is tested according to UTAC EP -695 standard , then follow this test actual consumption . For example, for the new Manitou MLT 1040 these three figures are : 6.6 liters of diesel per hour at loading , 22.4 liters of fuel per hour at ( heavy) transport and an average CO2 output of 25.7 pounds per hour .
Manitou brings these figures to the outside under the name ' REDUCE Fuel Eco Program' and wants to provide transparency on consumption .
The independent UTAC test standard was developed. Along with Manitou For this purpose, a telescopic handler runs several times a test program consisting of one hour loading, transport work 1 hour , 1 hour lifting and 1 hour idle. The goal is to make that more manufacturers join . An independent international standard of this standard In that sense, this EP -695 standard is similar to the Powermix test standard for tractor testing and CO2 emissions from passenger cars .
Incidentally show Manitou other decals on the recuperation time if you invest in a new , efficient telehandler . These figures are based on the AP -695 standard with a comparable new and old type Manitou are compared.


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