All new MRT telehandler range

The second and perhaps most significant range is an all new 360 degree MRT product line, which will be available in two formats - ‘Vision’ and ‘Vision Plus’ - with lift heights up to 35 metres and lift capacities to seven tonnes. The new models do look quite different and feature an all new high vision cab with no structural bars from the front to the back of the roof.

The new high vision cab - note the front steps

It offers good visibility from both sides as well

The cab also features an extra large touch screen and pop up informatics and easier servicing. The new machines are said to be up to five percent lighter, and yet offer increased capacities of up to 15 percent. They also feature automatic transmissions with a road speed of up to 40kph. Access to the deck is available on both sides and at both ends of the chassis making it easy to climb down regardless of the superstructure slew position.

The new MRTs certainly have a ‘distinctive look’

The MRT 1845 has ‘flop down’ outriggers

New hydraulics offer smoother function speeds up to 30 percent faster, a claimed five percent reduction in cost of ownership and improved paint quality. Initially two models – the 22 and 26 metre lift height units – will be available as all electric or hybrid options.

The MRT 2260 has telescopic outriggers and will be available with electric of hybrid power

The company also said that it is working on converting its entire telehandler range to electric or hybrid power, but don’t expect to much before the end of 2022. It is also testing out hydrogen based power sources.

Finally, it will also introduce an all new ULM - Ultra Light Manitou – light weight ultra compact telehandler range with overall weights of no more than 2,600kg. They will offer an overall width of 1.5 metres and an overall height of 1.9 metres, making them ideal machines to tow on a 3.5 tonne gross two axle trailer. They will retain all of the usual features, including four wheel drive and steer, and will be available to order by the end of the year, with delivery in 2022.

Vertikal Comment

It looks as though Manitou has some really exciting new products lined up for launch over the next two years. Sadly, the presentation, while very theatrical was a little short on detailed content.

We will also upload any more information when we receive it. In the meantime, Manitou is clearly excited about its plans and you can be sure that they will almost certainly be well executed. Watch this space.


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