According SAFETY required

According to the Health and Safety Act, an employer is responsible for a thorough professional training of its employees. The enormous development that the platform industry has gone through has been faster than the legislation that regulates the use of these machines.

By law, a crane operator 18 years or older and have had demonstrable. An operating instruction Platform manufacturers do everything possible to make. Operation easy and safe Before driving, rise, fall and swing with a platform sufficient simple hand movements.

For the safe handling of a platform is more than required to operate the buttons on the bottom or top panel. To ensure the safety of the operator and persons and objects in the immediate vicinity is a good basic knowledge of the operation of the machine and a practical training according to (inter) nationally recognized standards. More and more clients require in their work or construction site only persons who have completed an approved training platform may operate. We offer the opportunity to attend this training. By us or by the customer to a desired location


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